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Emily, a white woman with blonde hair, smiles for the camera. She is wearing a pink top and dark jeans.

Hi, I'm Emily!

I'm a former White House liaison
to Disabled Americans, Presidential campaign staffer, and classroom teacher.

I'm also proudly Disabled. 

And I’m passionate about creating spaces and moments that are
built to include people with disabilities

The Reality

1 in 4 adults in the United States have a disability - that's 61 million people

A graphic showing a diverse group of people with disabilities.

People with disabilities include those with physical, developmental, psychological, and intellectual disabilities. Diagnoses encompass everything from Crohn’s disease to vision loss; autism to dyslexia; spinal cord injuries to eating disorders. Some disabilities are visible while others are not.

Disabled people are teachers, caretakers, parents, soldiers returning from active duty, and community leaders. They’re queer, BIPOC, trans, homeless, undocumented, and they represent all ages, genders, creeds, classes, and geographies.

Simply put – disability is everywhere.

People with disabilities are consumers, donors, voters, and volunteers.

But a single barrier to access can hinder valuable engagement and investment.
What's more, outdated or misguided representation of disability can cause significant harm and loss of trust.

The Reality

We've Worked With:

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The Disability Rights Florida logo, which includes a red and yellow sun
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Benji is Deaf. 

He is a journalist for a national political outlet.

He is invited to a virtual press briefing in advance of a Senate candidate's platform roll-out. He joins the Zoom call only to have to leave. There is no ASL interpreter and auto-captions have been disabled.

The candidate doesn't earn any media on the platform release from that outlet. 

An illustration of a black man sitting a computer.
Not only is proactively engaging in accessibility and inclusion is the right thing to do.
It's strategic.

higher revenue reported by companies that prioritize disability inclusion

Global purchasing power of people with disabilities and their allies

voters with disabilities in the 2020 election

This compared to ~18.9 million Black voters and ~16.5 million Latino voters

What INTO Can Do For You

Access Consulting

At INTO Strategies, we understand that inclusion is best achieved when it’s considered from the start; not as an afterthought. We leverage our fine-tuned knowledge of inclusive design and meticulous project management to ensure access for people with disabilities. We work closely with your team to advise on best practice through the entire process, from planning to execution.


INTO is relentless in our attention to detail. Though our support is custom, our standards are consistently high. 

You could be hosting an in-person training, an online lecture, a book tour, a conference, a fundraiser, a company retreat, a grand opening, or a concert – whatever your event size or shape, INTO is here to support you!

Candidate Training

Talking about disability can feel like a minefield. At INTO, we understand that when candidates, elected officials, and executives don’t have the language to talk about disability, they’re prone to avoid it altogether. Or worse, they resort to common tropes and stereotypes, causing harm to Disabled people. 

Whether you’re running for office or running an organization, it is critical to speak confidently about disability. INTO Strategies has coached the President, senior Cabinet officials, Presidential candidates, and corporate executives on the fundamentals of disability. We can teach you what language is affirming and what language will cause harm. We have the discretion, tact, and composure necessary to work with even the most high-profile clients. 

Speaking & Workshops

We know how to talk about disability, but we also know how to do it in a way that actively engages participants. We deliver material in a variety of learning styles, modeling best practice in inclusive design as we go. 


Our approach isn't to shame people for their missteps. Our goal is to spark questions, curiosity, and conversation! At INTO, we believe in frank conversations rooted in empathy. We’ll challenge biases. But we’ll leave you with the tools to unlearn them.


We’ve spoken in front of 2nd grade classrooms, senior government officials, and audiences of all sorts in between. Whether to a group 5 or 5,000, INTO can teach your community about the importance of disability, inclusion, and accessibility. While all sessions are customizable to your audience, sample topics include:

  • Disability 101

  • Disability Policy 101

  • Accessible Event Design (In-Person, Virtual, or Hybrid)

  • Disabled Identity

  • Protecting the Right to Vote for People with Disabilities 

  • Invisible vs. Visible Disabilities

  • Mental Health Diagnoses as Disabilities

  • Internalized Ableism

  • Representation of Disability in Politics

Public Engagement Strategy

Whether you’re running for City Council, expanding your business footprint, or completing academic research, engagement with local stakeholders is critical. At INTO, we have the rolodex essential to help you build relationships with Disabled leaders and their allies at the grassroots, ‘grasstops’, and national level. 


After taking time to understand your objectives, we’ll create a robust engagement strategy that brings you into conversation with Disabled voters, donors, influencers, and changemakers.

What Can Into Do For You?
Access Consulting
Speaking and Workshops
Public Engagement Stratgy

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